Bacon Bacon in San Francisco


When I heard that the Bacon Bacon food truck had a fire, I almost screeched in dismay knowing my upcoming San Francisco trip would be without a meal at a place I have been wanting to go for so long. Luckily for me, the food truck wasn’t a one stop shop. Rather, Bacon Bacon has a kitchen in a prominent Vegan neighborhood near Ashbury and Masonic. Hilarious.


I stared at their menu for minutes. My friend had enough time to order, sit down, and consume her half croissant before I even decided what I wanted. Let me show you my dilemma:

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What would you do? HONESTLY! After ordering and eating a croissant with bacon jam (yes, I ordered one just to munch on in line and it was amazing), I was torn between ultimate gluttony and something a little less devious. Do I get a Bacon Bouquet or a sandwich? Should I also consume some Hot Chocolate with marshmallows, cinnamon, and chocolate bacon bits (I know… I KNOW!)??


Bacon is solely the reason I could never become Vegetarian. Just like cheese is the #1 reason you will never see this girl become a Vegan. After small talking the owner and his coffee sidekick, I finally decided upon The Bird: Diestel Free Range Turkey, Chicken Fried Bacon, Provolone, Cole Slaw and Avocado on Soft French Roll.


It was phenomenal, but mainly for the Chicken Fried Bacon which I have seen no where else. What madman thought up of something so amazingly delicious. I honestly went home and almost bought myself a deep fryer for Christmas just so I could Chicken Fry all my bacon. Imagine a peppery, fried coating encasing already delectable meat. The turkey was a perfect compliment, with everything balanced by the cool coleslaw. Everything was such a perfect compliment to one another. Well done.


Nicole got the classic grilled cheese, oozing with bacon of course: Melted cheeses, bacon, bacon jam. I tasted hers as well, and the bacon jam really did make everything even that more grand. I mean honestly; imagine a sweet bacony compote just cutting through the salty cheese and bacon strips on this sandwich. Built in palette cleanser.


Last but not least was my little croissant. It had the same bacon jam that was on Nicole’s grilled cheese. The thing was perfect, with a well made flaky croissant and the sweet bacony compote, that had a little crunch and a lot of flavor. Another thing to mention is the coffee at Bacon Bacon. Both her and I got a mocha, done in the right way with good espresso and good chocolate. I have to admire San Fransisco for usually doing coffee the right way; Los Angeles could learn a thing or two about coffee from our Nor Cal rivals.

All in all, Bacon Bacon you were a joy. I loved the food the most, and in a close second came the atmosphere. Keep it up, because next time I am coming for that Bacon Bouquet!

Weeknight Dinner: Girls Can BBQ Too


See that meat? Yes… I cooked that.

Just a little note on inspiring the carnivore inside all of you, and the BBQ diva I know we all can be. For a long time I refused to cook red meat because I didn’t know how to do it, or so I thought. Well let me tell you, a few good investments and you will be grilling like the best of them.

First, my grill was $20 at Walmart. I have had it for 4 years and it is the simplest little thing ever, well used for the value I received, and will cook anything you need just the way you want it. For some cheap and useful grills, here are a few:

UniFlame 138 sq inch Portable Charcoal Grill, Black –$15

Backyard Grill Deluxe Portable 15.75″ Charcoal Grill –$20

Ragalta RBQ-004 Regalta 16×11-inch Portable Charcoal Grill- $14


The point of this post? You can make a delicious BBQ meal for you and your family with just a few simple items. I hope to show you how not intimidating meat can be, even for those of you without a lot of experience. Make your families favortie fixings and you have a MAJOR recipe for deliciousness on your hands.


When cooking meat on the BBQ, I like to go with something fatty like a pot roast. Distinguish the fattiest side and score the roast all the way across. Make a few shallow cuts on the other side as well. Choose your marinade, and soak that sucker for a few hours, or even up to a day or two. For this dinner, I simply came home, got the meat ready and chilling in the fridge before I went about the rest of my day. That way when it was time to BBQ the meat was good and tenderized. Cook time varies on poundage and desired done-ness (well done, medium well, etc). You can find charts online to help you out.


Don’t forget the sides! This roast went perfectly with flash fried sweet corn and a baked potato spread with all the fixings. If you are going to make BBQ, then make BBQ sides!


Baked potatoes are a cinch and only require a few items to be diced and prepared, like the bacon. And flash fried corn? Easy. Melt a stick of butter in a pan. Add a bag of frozen sweet yellow corn and simmer on high. Add salt and pepper to taste, with a little pinch of garlic powder. You will see the corn begin to caramelize. Stir frequently until half the kernels turn a golden brown.


So don’t be afraid of the BBQ! Bring it back this winter and surprise your family with an awesome homemade dinner.