UCLA Basketball


Outside of the kitchen, I spend the most time at my amazing job for UCLA Men’s Basketball.

Why am I a Bruin?


I graduated from UCLA undergrad in 2009 after 4 years, double majoring in Political Science and Pre-Medicine. While I was a student, I worked 4 years for the UCLA Athletics Recruiting Department and as a Marketing Brand Coach for ADIDAS. The September after graduation, I started working for UCLA Men’s Basketball as their Administrative Assistant. It is currently my fifth season with the Bruins. You can check out my bio here. I am so lucky to have this job, as it really is a rare opportunity to work for a basketball program that has this rich of a history. UCLA has the most number of championships out of any NCAA Div 1 team and is also home to the most incredible coach of all time, the late John Wooden.


In February 2012, I started my MBA program at CSULB in Sports Management. I graduated July 2013 with top honors and a 4.0 GPA.

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