The New Addition to my Family

In a few of my posts, you have seen my precious cat Missy.

Last weekend, I took a visit to the East Valley Animal Shelter in Los Angeles to find her a kitty kat pal. Well, turns out this one little pup suckered me in to taking him instead… meet Brody!

He was listed as a Corgy mix, but is clearly a Dachshund, maybe Chihuahua hybrid. Whatever the little mutt is… he is freaking adorable.

Studying for the GRE = Procrastination Baking

I know I know… I haven’t written a post in forever. Work and life have been busy, but here are some updates:

* I have decided to get a raise at work. Having a difficult system in place like the California School System will make this challenging, but I am determined to get it done. Therefore, the appeal has been long thought out.
* I applied to Graduate School!!! Barring I don’t fail the GRE, I should get in no problem. Get excited for me :)
* I am working heavily with HDSA to get their upcoming fundraiser in August. They do such a good job with Huntington’s Disease, that I equally have to do a good job and work my tail off for the cause.
*Did I mention I am taking the GRE May 27th? What is most difficult about this, is I made this decision 5 1/2 weeks before the test date. And I get one shot, as my application is all due June 1st. If you care to send me good vibes, I will take them!

One of the best parts about studying is the fact that is makes my baking/cooking better. This, my friend, is solely due in part to the fact that I would rather procrastinate than actually study. Last night in fact, I made a delicious vegetable frittata and butternut squash risotto for me and my mom. We had plans to go out to eat, but I offered to cook… wonder why.

In light of Mom’s Day, me and my mamma

For those of you who are studying for something, or just want to explore in the kitchen, here are two of my recipes to make to waste some time. Please make sure if you use these, to credit me. Unless noted otherwise, I have worked hard to perfect these. Thank you and Enjoy!
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