Garlic and Lime Skirt Steak

I love skirt steak. It’s not too expensive, it’s extremely versatile, and it can be as juicy, if done right, as a thick cut of meat.

Summer is all about fresh. And this hunk of meat is so delectable. I eat it on it’s own, but the way it is flavored, you can also use these steaks for tacos or a part of another dish.

10 ounces Skirt steak
1 cup chopped fresh parsley
10 garlic cloves, chopped
1 lime
1/2 tsp red pepper flakes (optional)
olive oil
salt and pepper

To begin, start by chopping up your parsley and garlic into fine and medium pieces. I don’t want the rub to be entirely pulsed; it should have some body.

Juice the lime into a bowl and add the chopped parsley.

Next, add the garlic and red pepper flakes to the bowl. Add about 2 tbs olive oil. Stir everything together.

Get a skillet out and add a little olive oil. Get the pan hot, since we want to sear the steak and get it caramelized on the outside. Trust me, you want that crust! Salt and pepper your steak,  and then work the lime juice mixture into the meat (both sides). You will see the bright red color of the steak start to dull as the acid from the lime starts “cooking” the outer meat. This will help to seal in the juice.

Place the steaks onto the hot pan and add the leftover parsley and garlic from your cutting board. Cook on each side for about 4-5 minutes.

Once done, remove the steak and let it rest for 3 minutes on your cutting board. Slice and serve with whatever you have going on that night. For me, I paired it with my 5 Ingredient Kale Salad, which was just as fresh and delightful. My friend Kim from Fitness With Kim was over spending the evening with me, and we dined like queens while watching her film BRO‘ (ya…. she wrote it!). I have such amazing friends!!

Look out for me doing posts on her website once a month. Happy Eating!

Brody Approves :)

The Perfect 5 Ingredient Kale Salad

Summer is my favorite time of the year not only for the beach, the sun, and the hot weather, but the produce. I love summer fruits and vegetables. Nothing is better than fresh food with fresh ingredients. This salad only takes 5 ingredients, is lights, and is a great detoxifier for when you are feeling a lack of energy.

3 cups chopped, clean Kale
1/3 cup dried cranberries
1/3 cup pine nuts
1 large lemon
1/3 cup extra virgin olive oil
salt and pepper to taste

This salad is so simple, because most of it is just putting things together. Once you have cleaned and chopped your kale, place it in a bowl. I love how leafy and organic Kale looks. It is really a beautiful green.

Next, add the cranberries and the pine nuts to the bowl.

Squeeze the lemon over the bowl and extract all it’s juices. Lastly, add the Olive Oil.

Salt and Pepper the salad to taste. If you think the greens are too acidic, add a little more olive oil.  The great thing about this recipe is since the Kale is a strong leafy green, you can make this and eat it later that day or the next day for lunch. The salad will not get soggy like a traditional salad would that has already been dressed.

I made my salad last night to accompany my lime and garlic rubbed skirt steak. It was a delicious meal, low calorie, and completely filling. I will be hosting monthly recipes on the website Fitness With Kim in a coalition to trying to merge food and healthy bodies. Remember; just because something is good for you, doesn’t mean it has to taste gross. Being healthy is all about moderating what you eat, and finding the balance between treating yourself in moderation, eating what is right for you, and exercise.

NBA Finals Game #5 At the Blue Dog

I know I talk about the Blue Dog Beer Tavern often, but I need to do it again.

So… who doesn’t love a good beer tasting menu with food? We all do. Don’t kid yourself. Recently, The Blue Dog has been doing pairing menus as specials on certain nights, and they are insane. Last night, I went to watch the Heat, unfortunately win the NBA Championship, with some friends at The Dog. We all got a mix of food, but did one order of the pairing to see what it was all about. Here is it…

The Blue Dog featured the beers from the Oldest Brewery in the world- Weihenstephaner.  A word from Paul Scrivano, owner:

This German Brewer has been perfecting its craft since 1040 A.D. and all the characteristics of a grand pedigree are evident- complexity, flavor, mouth feel, perfect effervescence, and smooth finish.  After visiting the brewery and experiencing the devotion they hold, it is easy to see why they have endured so long and continue to produce such a superior lineup of beers.

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Copa D’Oro

Photo from website

There is this great bar in Santa Monica that I went to this past weekend called Copa d’Oro. I love places that get creative, and the drink menu at this place was amazing. So inventive and delicious. They also have a fabulous Happy Hour menu, which features a later time, starting at 5:30 and ending at 8, that gives us business people a chance to get out of work and make it to a great dinner without feeling pressed for time.

All Night Monday & 5:30-8pm Tuesday-Saturday


Cassy, Danielle, Maret, Me, and Alyse celebrating Danielle graduating Nursing School.


I went later at night with my friends, and did not try any of the food. The cocktails though… delicious. There was about 15 of us, so I got to taste many of their special drinks. The bar also has another extensive food menu, which looks delicious. I plan on going back to try some dinner and tell you what it’s all about.

Kalamata Olive Goat Cheese Quesadillas with Dry Aged Salami

Yum. I love a good quesadilla. I served mine I ate last night with a simple cherry tomato salad. It was perfect.

Flour tortillas are universal and can be used with flavors outside of something spicy and Mexican. Which is why, when I was craving something crispy and buttery last night, I went with making a standard quesadilla. Remember the Green Chili Enchiladas I made? Well I luckily had leftover tortillas and got to inventing!

Yesterday’s meal was something you could easily make and place out as appetizers. All your friends will think you are so fancy. For me, I made 2 servings, so I was able to take the second one to lunch today. The men in my office are always jealous of what I am eating… I wonder why ; )

4 Fajita Size Flour Tortillas
4 ounces Sharp White Cheddar Cheese
3 ounces Kalamata Olive Goat Cheese
*Trader Joe’s has this. If you are without, mix 3 ounces goat cheese with 6 finely chopped Kalamata Olives
8 slices dry aged salami
2 shallots
1/2-1 cup spinach
2 tbs butter

To start, finely chop your shallots and set them aside. Lay two tortillas down and smear 1.5 ounces of the goat cheese on top of each. Next, evenly disperse the shallots between the two tortillas.

Next, lay 4 slices of salami per tortilla on top of the shallots.

Add the spinach next. Place 2 ounces of sliced cheddar (shredded is fine too) as the top layer of the quesadilla.

Add the tops to the quesadillas. Heat your skillet, to about medium low, and once it is hot, add 1 tbs of butter per quesadilla. Place the tortilla, cheddar side down, in the pan.

Once the side is browned up, carefully flip your quesadilla. The cheese should start to get melty. If it’s not, my trick it to place a bowl over the quesadilla, or a lid on the pan for a few seconds to trap the heat and help melt the cheese. When it is done, take the quesadilla out and let it rest a second before cutting it. Enjoy!

Mom, if you are going to give me a bath, at least give me a bit of quesadilla!!

Dodger Games Are For Dodger Dogs

Give me an invitation to a sporting event, and I am there (well, unless its a USC Trojan event…. and then I am there in Bruin Blue!). Give me an invitation to a Dodger game, and I am there with a wad of cash ready to buy Dodger Dogs and the other concessions that make game days so enjoyable.

Honestly, why does a hot dog and this American past time just go SO well together?

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